One Week with Puppies!

Well, these little balls of puppy have charmed me completely! They’re one week old and a couple days old, and growing and changing hourly it seems! They are all close to doubling their birth weights, except for the really big guys, whose birth weight was maybe a bit inflated.  They’re leveling off.

Two of them are quite light: little Miss Cassandra( aqua), and Miss Athena( pink). Three are medium dark: little Mr. Aeneas (blue), Mr. Ajax (grey), and Miss Ariadne (lavender).  The other two are in between: Mr. Achilles (red), and Miss Clio (green).

Here’s a look at each of the little cuties.

First, Miss Cassandra.

Mr. Achilles.

Miss Athena.

Mr. Ajax.

Miss Ariadne.

Mr. Aeneas.

and last, but not least, Miss Clio.


We notice some are more willing to be messed with( moved, snuggled), than others, and some just seem happy with whatever they’re doing.

This week we add guests, and grandkids, so I’ll be posting lots of pics!

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