Week Two Update

This week the puppies went from sleeping, eating balls of fur, to little moving machines, walking ( slowly, haltingly), on all fours. Their eyes began to open on Wednesday and I believe they’ll all be fully open by Monday.

I’ve continued doing ENS with each one, and will finish on Tuesday. By then,  we’ll be ready for some more basic training exercises.

Our grandchildren arrived Thursday night to meet these little friends.  I’m very careful and some would say too particular, but they always follow some basic hygiene and health protocols to come in to the puppy room–lots of hand-washing happening over here. This is the most fun stage to hold these little ones, and they are very adaptable to being cradled and touched.

Lina is very content with visitors, surprisingly so! She is a bit of a primadonna momma, so when friends come by to see the puppies, it means more admiration and attention for her! She’s so amazingly relaxed also with the grandkids.  She knows them and trusts them to be gentle, as they always have been with her.  It’s a delightful scene to watch!!!

Their weights have continued to rise, with all adding one to two ounces a day last week.  There’s no obvious runt, and they all are very adept at getting to the teats and hanging on for dear life!

Their coloring remains similar to their birth coloring.  Two females are quite light, and the rest are almost the same shade of light medium.

This is a delightful time for the puppies, and all of us here at LJ Goldens!

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