Puppies: Week Three Updates

A couple weeks late to post this update, but here’s a look at my notes from week three with the puppies!

This has got to be the best job in the world.  Holding puppies, watching them snuggle and play with each other and their mom, is just so fun!

The third week was a big one for these little guys. They can climb out of the whelping box, though some haven’t quite realized that yet.  They stay awake after nursing, and play with each other, which often means putting a body part of another puppy in their mouths.

They recognize my voice and come running to the side of the whelping box as I talk to them.  They relax in my arms as I cradle them on their backs.  They often just fall asleep as I’m holding them.

This week I’m began to position the pads where  they’ll eliminate just outside the box.  I’ve enlarged their area to include the whelping box with a play area surrounded by a gated pen.  They’ve started to explore the new area, and Lina has a bed at the far end of it.  I’m adding toys to the pen this week, and will begin adding some solid food to their diets.  Lina is patiently still nursing, but seems more reluctant, and I’m sure it’s their size and the presence of teeth that cause her hesitation!
First de-worming happens now too.

And later this week we meet some of our buying families who will come play with these guys!

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