We’re excited to announce that Lina has been bred with Forrest of Mardovar Golden Retreviers, our new stud pick! Puppies are due December 20th.

I’m feeling very blessed to be partnering with Dodi from Mardovar. Her dogs are amazing, and she’s been placing her Goldens in service and therapy work for decades. Since I am all about excellence in conformation and temperament for our Lake Joy Goldens puppies, this partnership is a great fit.

Check back regularly here for updates about the upcoming breeding and litter! If you are interested in a Lake Joy Goldens puppy, please explore our website and fill out a puppy questionnaire.

Here are some pictures of Forrest, and a link to his pedigree: Forrest_Pedigree 

And here are some picture updates from our sweet LJG puppies from the May-July litter. We love staying in touch with our families and watching these beautiful dogs grow up from afar. Thanks for sending us these pics!

This is Murphy (whom we called Mr. Green, if you want to look back through blog posts and pics).

And this is Indy (whom we called Mr. Red).